I never thought that powerlevelling would be such an addicting thing to do in any MMORPG. Most likely because I never really understood how it felt to have good enough armor or weapons. I usually just get my weapons from the NPCs and never even bothered to buy them from the PCs because knowing them, they've jacked the prices to a hundred million adena or so.

It comes as a surprise that someone in the Lineage 2 SEA community was good-hearted enough to lend me his strongest D-class armor,weapons, and SSDs. He would rather stay anonymous and just say that he's from Clan HimitsuHeiki (translated: Secret Weapon).

From this:

Alcarcalmo enjoying the sights at Fantasy Island

To this bad-ass looking dark elf:

Alcarcalimo enjoying the sights and killing all in his path...

Now, I'm no longer afraid of gankers (well, those who are level 25 and below that is...) and high level aggro monsters.

I also received the Angelo Halo that came in with the boxed set last Tuesday night. Here's what I look like:

Uhmmm...it doesn't look too cool on me

Yep, it would've looked way cooler on an elf or human. Dwarves and orcs should stay away from this fashion accessory. So what I did is I gave it away to the person who lent me his stuff. He looked way cooler wearing it anyway.

Thanks again! You know who you are!
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