The Grind Tip #2: Mucking Around with Macros

Macros in Lineage 2 are rarely discussed in the net, yet they can tremendously help in Player vs. Environment (PvE) situations and in some Player vs. Player (PvP) ones as well.

When you google: Macro Lineage 2, 85% point to Bots, Cheats, Bugs, RMT, and all that filth. It's a cool thing though that iPlay Asia Community Portal has an article on it. I was also able to get a video from youtube on how to do a macro:

Remember my Grind Tip #1 regarding using the Hot Key slots? Well, I plan to make it even easier (yeah, I know freaking lazy) by incorporating all of it under one macro. So last night until today, I kept on experimenting differnt macros before I went outside to test it on some orcs.

Alcarcalimo: Confused

I wanted the following to happen in the following order using just ONE HOTKEY:
  1. Equip my bow
  2. Shoot my target with a Power Shot
  3. Shoot with a normal bow shot
  4. Equip both my shield and sword
  5. Attack my opponent
  6. Attack my opponent
  7. Attack with Power Strike
  8. Attack my opponent
  9. Attack my opponent
When I tried this out in the field I kept on un-equipping my bow. So I decided that I'll walk around with no weapon equipped. When I focus on a target then I use my hotkey macro and do my dirty work.

So far, it's succeeding. I'll post more combo macros as soon as I get them.
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