Ashlianna: The Immobilizing Guardian

There I was, going to and fro Giran, Dion, the Dwarf's Village, and the Execution Grounds to fulfill my quest to be a full-blooded Bladedancer when all of a sudden I saw a very unfamiliar site.

In the Dark Elf's Guild was an elf. She was wearing a formal gown of some type. I just had to look and see what someone from the opposite side of the race was doing there. Lo and behold it was a Guardian, Guardian Ashlianna...

Her name would be familiar to Lineage 2 SEA Forumers as she has been sought after by many of the male population. She even has a fanclub thread devoted to her.

After a few chats, a little dance, and an immobility spell (that held me to the ground while she prances away), I found out that behind that elven smile was another person who would just want to make our playing lives in Lineage a bit better.

So guys, ease up on her.

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