Postcards from Ether:Cruma Tower

For our next set of Postcards from Ether, I present you: Cruma Tower.

It's supposed to be known as one of the ideal dungeons to level in when you're around level 30 to 40. However with the Gracia update notes, thing shave changed a bit:
  • Rewards in Cruma Tower have been increased.
  • New event monsters that can change or help the hunting flow have been added.
  • Characters that are level 56 and above can no longer enter Cruma Tower.
Here's what it looks like when you enter the tower's ground floor:

Notice the Matrix-style symbols running all over the pillar.

Here's a screenie of the second level:

Is it me or are dungeons inherently eerie? Isn't there a dungeon full of rabbits and rainbows? LOLZ!

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