Final Gracia Korean PTS Notes

Here are a couple of updates regarding Lineage 2 Final Gracia (CT 2.3). First of all, it's great to see that the Lineage 2 SEA community has decided to actively report on such changes. You can see the treads here and here. It just shows that the players are looking forward to great changes in the future.

Anyway, here we go.

Final Gracia Korean PTS Patch Notes

The Land of Gracia

  • Located west of Gludin
  • The only place where you can get S82 and S84 weapon parts through quests
  • You can travel there via airships


  • Any level 5 clan can own one
  • There will be airship-to-airship battles
  • These can only take place in Gracia
  • Only toons level 75 and above with "Flight-mode Transformation" skill can participate
  • Those signed for the Olympiad or other PVP related events cannot participate.
  • Winners get 5 items for Gracia-related items


  • Clan level max is now 11 (req: 170 members, 75 CRP)
  • Guard units has been increased to 30.
  • New class skills will be included in the update.


From Alcarcalimo's Travels in Lineage 2 SEA
  • New S84 armors
  • 3 dual daggers added:
*S80: Dynasty Knife and Soul Separator
*S82: Icarus Dispenser and Soul Separator
*S84: S84 dagger and Nada Storm
  • Belts will have their own inventory
  • Capes for the Dynasty and S84 armors
  • Mage shields with enchantments

So many changes and updates coming in the future. For a very old MMORPG, it sure has a lot more to offer!


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