Palm deserves a facepalm:41% short of projected revenues

I admit to the world: I wish I had a Palm phone! I'm a big fan of GTD and I believe that this is the right equipment for the job.

The iPhone is nice and all, but it has the same problem as Palm does (at least in the Philippines): it's too darn expensive. I thought that it would slash its prices just to compete, but noooooooo....

With iPhone, Nokia, and others going the touchscreen route, the first one who made it popular seems to be going down the drain.
"The revenue decline vs. the company's Q1 fiscal year 2009 and Q2 fiscal year 2008 is a result of reduced demand for maturing smartphone and handheld products."
WTH? A "reduced demand" for more high tech phones? Quit pulling the world's legs, Palm! Instead work on how to make your products sell more.

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