The DISQUS advantage for your blog

I've been reading a lot on DISQUS and how it makes commenting on sites more into the spirit of discussion rather than just saying how the post sucked.

To tell you honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first on why anyone would want to track all my comments on the web--until I saw nearly the same people commenting on the favorite sites I was viewing. A question arose, "Wouldn't it be great if I saw how he/she commented on other issues or sites and see how I could contribute on that same discussion?" That's when I remembered DISQUS.

Although all blogs have their own comment system, DISQUS is one of those web services that pushes it to another level.
  • It allows fellow commenters to see you more as just another text block above them with a link to a site. They may see your comment on a tech blog that leads them to another on a parent site, therefore seeing more facets of your life.
  • It makes comment moderation easier. If you have multiple blogs, using different blog platforms, it would be hellish just to moderate what's happening in the comment section. DISQUS makes it easier by putting all comments in one area and doing it from there.
I could continue on with how this service can both help you as a blogger and/or reader, but it's best to try it out. Go to and give it a whirl for a few weeks or so.

P.S. Thanks to Laibcoms in showing me the way to DISQUS.
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