My Runes of Magic Ph Alpha 2 Experience

As mentioned last time, eGames was able to get Runes of Magic (RoM), an MMO that's been making waves in the International MMO scene. I was lucky enough to get an invite and a DVD Instaler from RoM Ph's Community Manager, Ms. Bea. Written below are just a couple of my experiences while playing the game.

First off, downloading the client installer was an exercise in futility. I usually ended up with corrupted downloads for some strange reason, the torrent file had no seeder and was impossible to download from there. Good thing that CM Bea was able to send me a copy of the installer on the last day of the Alpha Testing Session 2.

As I entered the game, I felt the lag hit me immediately. The response of the buttons was sluggish and loading time was a bit slow. Nevertheless, I consider this as a massive improvement over what I experienced in RoM Intl.

And there it was, my pre-generated character at Level 30

Uber powered with upped weapons and armor really made the questing extremely easy...too easy. With such a high level doing beginner quests, I decided to create a level 1 character to really experience the whole beginner's game to check for bugs.

So far, there I didn't notice any bugs while I was at the Pioneer's Village nor at Logar. Too bad I was unable to continue to the next town as the Alpha Test Session 2 ended today. I'll be waiting for Alpha Test Session 3 and help out with the bug collection.

RoM is a great game, and if you're in the Philippines, you should try it out! You can go to the RoM Ph Blog for the invite codes and client downloads.

Good luck!
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