Ubuntu for the Philippines

Some of the reasons why most computer users in the Philippines don't even want to touch Linux is because it's too hard to learn and that they can't play their favorite games on it. All I can say to that is poppycock!

I want to convince the internet shop owners and business owners out there that you don't need to resort to paying huge amounts of money to Microsoft or resort to practicing installing hacked Windows (that are just as dangerous since they hardly get updated and thus open to security and malware problems) just to get online or use a computer.
  • MS Office vs. Open Office/Google Docs: Both MS Office and Open Office are virtually the same in every aspect that the only difference between the two is the price: paid vs. free. Even the updates are free, so no more buying the next MS Office update...
  • Getting online: some people are still scared whether Ubuntu will get them online, but I promise you, it's even easier and faster to get online with this OS than it is with Windows. Regarding browsers, there's a Linux version of it whatever may it be.
  • Typing in commands: some users I know suddenly get squeamish at the first site of the Terminal. I admit I was one of those folks but you get used to typing in commands. Plus, there are a lot of resources out there that provides step by step instructions on how to deal with the Terminal, so don't fret.
  • Games: A lot of people are afraid of losing their games when they switch to Ubuntu and that's understandable. Not all games can be played with Ubuntu, but those that are worth it does! For example, I have been playing the following MMOs since I transferred to Ubuntu:
I'm planning to try out Runes of Magic Ph on Ubuntu as soon as it goes to CBT.
To see the complete list of other Windows games that play on Ubuntu via Wine better check out this database.

Here are just some online guides on my current fave ph mmorpgs:

Perfect World on Ubuntu:

How to run Zhu Xian Online (ZXO/ Jade Dynasty) on Ubuntu

So there you have it. I hope to see more Ubuntu users in the future!
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