ZXOnline gets a massive update!

e-Games' ZXOnline has finally caught up to Jade Dynasty (first patch)! The new update today added quite a lot in the Item MallPet & Fashion Packages, changed a few rules on Player Killing, and a new Lottery Box.

However, what I liked the most are the Online AFK Levelling, Mini Games, and Cold Moon Blessing Quest. I searched the latest Patch Notes and Official Community Blogs regarding this feature but I couldn't find it. Good thing there's Jade Dynasty Patch Notes to check out.

Online AFK

This feature allows you to gain experience while you're in "meditation state". The way to do that is to click on the symbol highlighted in the image below.

I managed to get 272 exp per minute or so. I'm not sure if this is relative to your level.I'll check it out as soon as I level up to 30.


There are two mini games included in the update: Yasho's Invasion (called Tower Defense in-game) and Link-em-up (Match Game). You can open it by clicking on the highlighted symbol.

According to Jade Dynasty's forums, you'll get some taichi pills, gold and silver seeds. I'll definitely have to try these games out while doing Online AFK.

Moon Shine every 5 hours

Lastly, it's nice to know that we'll be getting Moon Shines every 5 hours we're online. Moon shines are items that allow you to recharge your Talisman's bot feature.

Getting all these updates surely will make some jaded players who left the game try it out again. I just hope that they make their updates more frequent as most of the players have already reached near end game and newbies, like myself, feel that there's hardly anyone I can party with.
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