Allods Online: CBT 2 Impressions

Allods Online will be one of the best MMORPGs come 2010. If you're scratching your head on that one, it's ok, as I only heard about the game a few months ago. If you want to read the history of Allods Online go here  as I will be discussing more of my impressions on the game so far.

Graphics, Audio, and Storyline are Incredible!

Yes, my computer is really low-end yet I was able to run this game with minimal lag and great graphics! I mean just look at this report!

If that didn't convince you to even think of trying the game out, I don't know what will.

The storyline behind the game is extremely good compared to standard MMOs. It makes one want to read the quests rather than just go to the summary and get it over with.

Regarding the music and audio, I have to say that it was done very well, and combined with the graphics it just shows off the "epic-ness" of the game.

Things to Improve On

Since we're still in CBT 2, I'm expecting that there will be a lot of things that need to be done after.

For instance the combat is terribly slow. Although you get damaged minimally, it seems that even your attacks are either missing outright or it's too small that you need to continuously hack at the enemy. I also noticed that there's no auto-attack function here. Even the attack button has a cooldown! Yes, you need to punch the button to attack a mob, and then wait for it to cooldown before you have a chance to hit the mob. Good thing is there's a lot of skills you can choose from to use while you wait for your attack button to cooldown.

There's no minimap. You'll continuously calling up your map to see where you're going. The compass on the upper right hand corner is useless for me. There's a lot of times I got lost that I just decided to totally ignore it.

In the End

Despite all its faults the game has potential to be a big Free to Play MMORPG that may unseat Runes of Magic or Perfect World. Now if they can only get that mini map going...
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