Want to earn PHP10,000 while playing Runes of Magic Ph CBT? If you do then better note down all those bugs you see and send them immediately to the e-Games team. If you're the one who submitted the most, then you will stand to win PHP 10,000!

Mission Order: Bugs Exterminatus
Each time a player report an original bug, that is, a bug that has not already been reported, their name will be entered in a Point system league where they can win cool ingame and cash prizes, if they have the highest score at the end of CBT.

The bugs will be divided into 2 categories, each category have different number of reward points

Minor bug – 1 point

Major bug – 3 points

Players can exchange their accumulated point for special in-game item by the end of beta.

3 Points – 1pc. High Quality Experience Potion (to be rewarded on OBT.)
5 Points – 7 Days Little Death Pet Box (to be rewarded on OBT)
10 Points – 7 Days Dark Shadow Ferret Mount in a bag (to be rewarded on OBT.)

1st to reach 20 Points will win 10,000 Pesos Cash


Open to all users.

Participants must submit a bug report using the e-Games helpdesk ticket.

Only 1 Bug per report is allowed, if you have another Bug please file another ticket

Participants should use their In-game name when filling bug report

  • Logon to e-Games Portal (http://www.e-games.com.ph/content/portal/Home4.aspx)
  • Go to “My Account”.
  • Login you Username and Password.
  • Click on “Helpdesk” under “Other Services”.
  • Choose “Runes of Magic” in the “Game / Service” drop down menu.
  • Then, choose “Technical” in “Category” Drop down menu.
  • Then, choose “Game Bug Report” in “Area” Drop down menu.
  • Fill up the automated field that will be provided for information gathering.
  1. In-Game Name:
  2. steps on how to trigger the bug.
  3. Attached Screenshots.
  4. If you have a video please provide the Youtube link
  • The validity of your entry depends on how clear the report is presented.

Bug Reports are only Valid if submitted MONDAYS-FRIDAYS from 2:00 PM – 11:00PM.

The participants should keep the ticket number for validation purposes.

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