My Top 5 Gaming Drinks

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An old actor once said, "If you don't eat, you dieeeeeee!" Yep, eating is very important to ensure that your body functions the way it should. This also includes gaming, of course. 

However, I tend to focus more on liquid rather than solid foods because it's less messy on the fingers and easier for me to go pee pee rather than poo poo. XD 

Joel Tan of MMOtaku gave his list, and he asked me mine (thanks for including me in the list!):

  1. 3-in1 Instant Coffee: I usually play games from 1 am onwards and the only way for me to stay up is to sip a cup of coffee or two...or three. It makes my senses sharp for the next few hours as I finish quests and do raids. I usually prefer 3-in1 coffee not because I'm too lazy to brew, it's just that I'm really bad at mixing coffee. Ask my wife.
  2. Hot chocolate: It's my first replacement after coffee.
  3. Apple Juice: When I feel like taking a healthy drink, I usually go for this one. No, I don't go artificial or powdered; I go 100 percent natural.
  4. Milk: Another one of those healthy drinks, but I NEVER drink this after I take Apple juice. As usual, I go for natural, full cream milk.
  5. Ice-cold water: When all of the above runs out, it's time to go au naturel--water. I go for purified, mineral water. 
I'm tagging the next game bloggers for their fave snacks or drinks while playing games: Laibcoms, Triz Ariaga, Edward Villeza, and Tuna Caserole. Kindly comment and input the link of your response.

What about you? What do you munch on or drink when you play games?

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