Google Ad in Superbowl: Old media is not dead

It's interesting that Google, one of the foremost Internet companies on the face of the planet, to try on "old media". During today's Superbowl XLIV, the company just unveiled an advertisement for everyone to see. The ad is seen below:

What's surprising is that "old media" still has that magic to attract both Internet users and those who don't. Let's face it, Google is one of the well-known brands on the face of the Earth right now, yet they still put out an ad. Why did Google resort to such a thing? The same reason why McDonald's and Coke still put out ads: to further push themselves out there and ensure that potential customers be convinced to use their paid services and more!

Does this mean that other Internet companies will be joining the fray soon? Why not? Instead of the old vs. the new media, maybe they can help benefit each other.

Go Google!
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