My Top Influential Blogs of 2010

Let's get straight to the point: I like a LOT of blogs and some of them influence me more than others. Therefore I'd like to put some names in the hat for The Top Influential Blogs of 2010. For more information on this list, kindly go to

1 and 2:
MMOshpit and The Gamedok Chronicles: These bloggers not only blog and play MMOs, they BREATH it. Both bloggers are leaders of prestigious guilds in various games, but they became well-known in Perfect World PH. These guys should be in top of the must-read list in the MMO Philippines scene.

3 and 4:
Trizzone and Search and Connect are two blogs I have been following as I know both bloggers on a personal basis. Both deal with tech and web-related subjects. They're just starting out but they seem to be on their way to becoming one of the better bloggers out there.

5: Every Juan 's blog may seem to be a personal blog, but it's from a techie's point of view, in that way I can relate.

6: Around The Buzz Prime Time (ATBP) is a local entertainment blog and it has quite a lot of readers and it has been posting consistently. I used to be an entertainment blogger as well and appreciate how the blogger has worded the articles well.

Well, there they are, my top 6 blogs. What are yours?
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