Motorola goes Statusnet!

Just received news that Motorola, Inc. will be using Statusnet as their way of communicating internally. According to the press release, it all started as an experiment as to whether Statusnet would be good enough as a way to communicate between different business units.

However, something else happened!

Rami Levy, Motorola's team leader of Open Source Technologies, says in the case study, "One unexpected benefit [of using StatusNet] is reduction in company email. We initially just wanted to increase social communication and such in the company. As the value became obvious and usage grew, we decided to leverage this to reduce corporate email volume.”

Lesser email blasts!

Although I would think that emails still revolve around Motorola, with Motmot (yep, that's what they called their Statusnet over there) the heads would just need to send out a dent (equivalent to a "tweet" to you Tweeter users out there) to necessary parties and they should be able to receive and reply to the message either through the web, their Statusnet Desktop client, or probably through their mobile (since they ARE a mobile phone company).

I hope more companies would try out Statusnet because of this.

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