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Hi, thanks for coming in.

This is my first post on my Lineage 2 character's journey to becoming a Spectral Dancer. The Dark Elf, Alcarcalimo. His name is the elf's translation for alcar "glory, splendour, brillance"and calima "bright". Although I will have to admit that a Dark Elf with a name that signifies bright light can be confusing.

Here's a picture of him at Level 10:


Why Lineage 2? It's got great graphics, well thought of background story, and the details are just so crazy. I'm falling in love with it. I would've gladly taken this on during its Closed Beta (CB) or Open Beta Phase (OP), but was just so busy at work.

Why am I creating this character so near the new Lineage 2 SEA launch of Kamael? I just decided to join the game again after a long hiatus because of pending day jobs. Besides, I have no plans of going Kamael on anyone yet and I just love Dark Elves more.

Why a Spectral Dancer (SD)?
Well, I've always wanted to be support rather than a Damage Dealer (DD), besides, players would gladly accept supports rather than DDs (there's quite a number of them running around I heard).

I'm expecting quite a lot once the Kamael updates come in. Hopefully there's going to be a system that will deal with botting, gankers, and Real Money Trading (RMT) in-game. I know it's next to impossible, but Asian Media Development Group (AMDG) and NCSoft has to take this seriously....arrrghhh I'll take up that issue on another post.

Anyways hope you can join me online one day and let's form a party. Just whisper "Alcarcalimo" in the Aria Server.

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