Rohan FAQs clear out some things

Level Up! has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) post today for those who are still unsure about how the CBT will be implemented (like me). Here are just some of the questions that I think are important:

Philippines and International
Question 1: Will characters from Rohan: Blood Feud (International Server) or other foreign servers be transferred to Rohan Online Philippines?

Answer: No. Not during Closed Beta, not during Open Beta, not ever.

Question 2: Can players not located in the Philippines play Rohan Online Philippines?
Answer: No.

Question 3: Can players in the Philippines play Rohan: Blood Feud International Server?
Answer: Yes.

It's a win-win scenario for the Philippines then as they can opt to play for both the local and international version. HOWEVER, this will be during CBT only, things may still change once Open Beta Testing (OBT) or the commercial opening phase begins.

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