Yes, why the heck was I not posting since the Kamael Update? Well, guys I 've been grinding like all the rest of you. I'm also making sure that I use the Forever in Ether (FIE) promo to its hilt.

Talking about the FIE promo, a lot of players requested that it be extended to one more week because of the following:
  • Their Kamael still hasn't leveled-up enough yet. The whole race might be decimated by the other races once the FIE promo closes.
  • Critical Errors and sudden shutdowns have really bogged down the game. I personally experienced this a lot for the last three days and it really did not help with my playing experience at all. Although I've been using Alcarcalimo (my Dark Elf) since April 15, I'm still below Level 20 because of all these errors I'm getting.
Lo and behold AMDG listened to us players and has extended the promo up until May 6! See details here!

Thanks to AMDG! See you online!
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