Dekaron SEA Closes on May 8

My Dekaron CBT Character

According to Mobius Games, Dekaron South East Asia (SEA) will close on May 8, 2010.
It is with deep regret that we inform you about the latest news regarding Dekaron SEA. Gamehi, the developer of Dekaron/2Moons, has preterminated our licensing agreement for Dekaron SEA. Despite our numerous attempts to work out a migration process of all players to Dekaron Global, Gamehi has just recently informed us that they will not allow any player migration. The developer's official closure date for Dekaron SEA is May 8, 2010.

Looks like Gamehi is doing the same thing CCR did to Codemasters regarding RFOnline: terminate the license and force all of them to transfer to their Global servers. The only difference is, CCR allowed character migration from Codemasters, Gamehi will not. Obviously, a lot of players who have plunked down a lot of time and money on this game is really disappointed (at the very least).

The only memory I'll have of playing Dekaron SEA will be this blog and the album here.
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