New Slogan Promo

With the any update there should be promos and in-game events that support it. Here's a new one for the Kamael update:

I joined yesterday and here's my slogan:

"Grinding was never this fun!"

Here are the prizes:

Top Winner

Lineage II Sporty Jacket with Hood (Black)
Lineage II Metal Engraved Pendant
Formal Wear (In-Game Prize)

1st Runner Up

Lineage II Backpack
Lineage II Cap
Strider of Wind (In-Game Prize)

2nd Runner Up

Lineage II Long Sleeves
Lineage II Cell Phone Accessory
Weapon Enchant Scrolls A (In-Game Character Prize)

10 Consolation Prizes

High Grade Life Stones - Level 67

Personal comment on the prizes

Although the Top Winner Prize may seem to be more expensive than the rest, I would rather go for the 1st Runner Up. Why? Just take a look below:

Formal Wear

What does it do? So far I haven't seen anything that adds anything to your character's stats. It's basically a fashion add on.

Wind Strider

What does it do? You get to ride it across town. Makes you look cooler even without any kind of armor.

So what looks cooler? I choose the Wind Strider!
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