New Kamael Patch Notes

For those who, like me, opened up the Lineage 2 SEA Launcher and was surprised that it was downloading a patch and wondering what was being downloaded to your favorite game, fret no more! Iplayasia and AMDG just provided us with a Patch note here.

Here's the details. Warning: this deals more with the Kamael than any race:

1. Decrease the penalty of the skill Magic Recovery against the Guilted Body skill of the Kamael, from 30% to 5%.

2. Kamael HP recovery increased from 700HP to 900HP.

2. Essential Spellbooks, Amulet, Blueprint and Battle Manual for level 40-74 can now be bought through every starting villages Gorcery.

4. Level Requirements added to the spellbooks item description.

5. Skill, Item Re-use Time are now announced through the System Message Window.

6. Problem Fixed for the skill Mysterious Cube.

7. Hellbounds NPC Girone, Buron and Bernarde now explains detailed information about Hellbound.

8. Fixed the number of ingredients (Compound Braid, Asofe) needed for the follwowing Equipments:

  • Draconic Bow
  • Sealed Draconic Leather Helmet

9. Clan Hall Authority problems fixed.

10. Clan reputation is now consumed normally when building the Order of Knights.

11. Number of crystal increased when crystalizing Icarus Weapons.

12. Castle Circlet is now non-exchangeable/dropable.

13. Agathion's special skill fixed.

14. The effect of clan death fortune, residence death fortune and apella set
effect has been changed to lessen the chance to lose exp points and
death penalty from pk/monster deaths.

15. Non-sellable items are now not visible when you are selling your stuffs.

16. Dark Water Dragon minion Shade does not respawn when killed.

17. Attacking Shade will agro Dark Water Dragon.

18. If Core's minions move out the boss zone they will return to original spot where they came from.

I'm not sure how this will affect the game, but it sure will make the Kamael's life a bit easier. Will there be any patches specific for the other races?

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