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Welcome to my Perfect World Philippines fansite.

I chose to play this game over the others because of the following reasons:
  • It's got a very detailed (some may call anal) character customization. Imagine putting your face and body in the game. Prepare to customize for hours.
  • It's full of quests! Instead of the daily grind, you get to pick and choose quests that'll help you level up.
  • The crafting system is so easy, even a newbie like me can do it. I crafted my first set of armor and weapons between level 10 and 12. Although it would be more helpful if you bought Level Up Top Cards like I did to facilitate your crafting addiction.
  • It can run on a low-mid spec PC like mine. My previous fave game had a lot of crit issues due to hardware unable to handle the graphics. With Perfect World, I have yet to encounter critical errors.
My character's in the Tiger Server, and his name is Calime. It's supposed to be Alcarcalimo, a reincarnation from my previous fave game: Lineage 2 SEA (which I also created a fansite for as well), but Perfect World won't allow names with more than ten letters. So therefore, I just chose Calime.

I chose the Human Class for this one reason: the Human Wuxia Class can use double blades and bows. I also changed his colors to purple and his ears are pointed to resemble a Dark Elf. This is the nearest I can remake my old character in the new game.

So far, I have played the game for two weeks or so and have thougroughlu enjoyed it. It does have its positives and negatives like all games, but it's gotten my attention so far.

Here's my character on Level 10+:

See you guys around!

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