The movie that convinced me to try Perfect World

I've been out and about in Perfect World and it's almost what I thought it was: Perfect. There's been some snags like lags in towns(that's expected), and some places where my character gets stuck (this one wasn't). This happened when I tried the Leap Quest and fell in a small opening between the houses and the hills. I used the teleport to the nearest town skill just to get out of there.

As mentioned in the title, there's this vid that made me a believer.

Perfect World In Game Movie

To all those in Perfect World Philippines, you may have noticed that this one was from the Malaysian servers and that there were two mounts seen not yet included in the current patch: Frost City.

The Reindeer

The Lion King (Requirement: Lvl 60, Speed:9 to 10)

The info came from the Perfect World Malaysia Forums. If you look there as well, you'll see more upcoming mounts like the Fenrir, Thunder Leopard, Blue Dragon, Golden Pig, Green Dragon, and Chimera. These all require at least Level 60 to ride on.

Hopefully Level Up! can implement the patches as soon as they get them from Beijing Perfect World.

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