Personal reaction to the 2x and 3x modification

As mentioned in my last post, the 2x for life and 3x every weekend from July to August has been implemented. There were some high level players who didn't like AMDG's move, however the new ones were very appreciative--including yours truly.

When I logged back in, I noticed that there were more newbies around the starter town (well, at least in the Dark elf's Village) than last time I was here. Could this be a spillover effect of free installers and the aforementioned in-game changes? Most likely. Whatever the reason, new players or old ones rerolling new characters is a good sign.

Another thing I've noticed is that grinding is less of a chore than it used to be. It's easier to level up, more loot falls on the ground, and I have excess SP ready to be used to gain new skills.

My concern are the mat prices. Since there's more mats falling off, will this finally lower down the prices? This will enable more supplies than it used to be. As Jercouzen said in the forums, it only takes a few players to lower down their prices and the effect will snowball.

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