Since the Gracia Teaser site was up last July 7, there's been a steady buzz of excitement among gamers regarding the new update to Lineage 2. Most notable among the changes welcomed by most players is the Levelling part of the game.

Lineage 2 has always been touted as a hardcore grinding game. This has been its strength and weakness at the same time. Strength because only the hardcore players will be able to appreciate the constant fighting, while leaving those who aren't so hardcore biting the dust. This resulted into a situation where there were a lot of mid to high level characters and not much new ones. With the changes in the exp and addition of the Vitality system, newbies (like me) will have a chance to catch up with the rest of the population in L2.

For one thing, experience rewards for killing creatures and accomplishing quests has been increased across the board. This means that you’ll gain a lot more for generally doing the same things you always do. Running out of quests trying to gain experience, or continual creature farming, is not nearly as big of a factor any more. Also, new repetitive quests have been added in each race village to help out players even further.

You consume Vitality when you kill ordinary creatures and gain experience, though Vitality won’t get spent if you’re taking on a quest creature, if you don’t get experience for killing a creature, or if you’re taking on a boss. When Vitality is spent, your experience and SP bonus is greatly increased, depending on how much Vitality you currently have. If you’re maxed out in Vitality points (Vitality Level 4), your bonus will be 300% of the normal experience and SP gain. If you have a few thousand Vitality points (Vitality Level 1), the bonus is 150%. Because Vitality is so easy to earn, players will be in the bonus consistently and the overall experience gain can be huge.

So for those who are thinking of Lineage 2, please wait until Gracia update.


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