New Perfect World Philippines site launched!

This morning, Level Up! Philippines unveiled it's new Perfect World website.

More than an eye-candy update

A few months ago, when Firefox was updated to version 3, Perfect World's site went bonkers. All FF3 users were unable to click on any labels on the site. They resorted to use Internet Explorer as a browser to view the site. The webmaster seems to have found a way to make some of the links work but you had to resort to click on the links at the top of the page.

With the new site, everything seems to have been resolved regarding the FF mess. Regarding IE, it seems to work flawlessly, albeit a bit slower for the page to finish.

It has potential

The site uses Adobe Flash Player and it may prove that it's both a strength and weakness at the same time. Because of the software, there is more eye-candy to look at. I especially liked the spinning disco ball effect on the header.

However, it may cause some problems. For instance, as I've mentioned above, it takes time for the page to load properly. If you have a slow connection it may take you a minute or so to fully appreciate the site. I also suggest to ensure that the viewer's Adobe Flash Player be updated to ensure consistency.

Design is queen

The dark theme really makes it more readable and I totally applaud them for that compared to the old Ragnarok site, where it was mostly bright white.

Most of the pictures were taken from the old site and there really isn't anything new to look at. It would be nice to see some new scans in this department as we have been looking at the same ones since the old site.

Content is king

What's a site, if it doesn't provide you any information to read? A photoblog. Fortunately, this ain't one and it proves that it is always updated.

In the end...

...all that matters is that it's updated and chock-full of information to a Perfect World player, and in this case with the contribution of various longtime Perfect World meisters, it just makes the site even more special.

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