How I push my posts to the SNS universe

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For most bloggers who want to easily reach out to the Tweeterverse, the news from Blogger would be a heavensent:
Tweeting your new blog posts is a great way to engage your readers, and something that many on the team have taken advantage of for our own blogs. An easy way to do this is through Twitterfeed, which automatically updates Twitter with each new blog post.

It's not like Google bought Twitterfeed, but what surprised me was that this was just discovered now--I know some high profile bloggers using this service months ago. But my concern here is that not all my readers use Tweeter (surprising I know, but the Philippines is Plurk country). So how do I reach them? How do I push my blog posts into other social network services (SNS) with as little fuss as possible? I use two services: and
Here's how I set it up:
  1. Register for and
  2. Enable to send information to the SNS I want (in my case: Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk)
  3. Enable to recieve RSS from my blog and send it to
The process goes this way:
  1. I publish my post
  2. receives the RSS from my blog and sends the post's title and link to
  3. sends it to various SNS
Next post, I'll be writing about how I share my Google Reader Shared Items to the SNS universe.
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