Bye FF 3.5, I'm going back to Chrome

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Yes, I was one of those geeks who went delirious when I read that Firefox 3.5 was ready for download, previous to that I was using Google Chrome as my main browser. After downloading it, I was pleased that the installing went smoothly except for two Add-ons that won't make it to the new version, one of them was important to me: However, thinking that those guys will make an inevitable update to FF 3.5--I wasn't too worried.

I worked on FF 3.5 for a few days until I noticed that it seemed to be getting slower for the browser to load: 35 seconds. Then I checked out how much memory it was using: 20k+. Arrrgghh! What's going on? Nevertheless, I expected the new patch could change things. Too bad they didn't.

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I started feeling that my web space view was getting scrunched up and that I'm getting more frustrated and stressed out when I need to get to that site ASAP. I started hating all the useless icons and toolbars on my FF. In short, I was starting to miss Google Chrome.
Now I'm back to 'ol Chrome and starting to love it again. It's not like that I won't be using FF again in the future (they have some nice new features and--ADD-ONS!), it's just that I'm more into the leaner and faster type of browser. Until then, I'm sticking with my Google Chrome.

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