Google Tasks has finally graduated

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I don't use much of Tasks but I place it in my Gmail anyway--thinking that I may have some use for it someday.

Looks like that day has come.

With most of the Google Applications leaving Beta, Tasks have joined the ranks of...non-Beta-ness.
We launched Gmail Labs as a forum for delivering useful (and maybe not so useful) features that might not be quite ready for prime time. The idea was always that the most popular and viable Labs features would graduate and be made more readily available to all users...and that some of the less used, less viable ones would disappear forever.

I'm proud to announce that Tasks is in that first bucket — it's been one of the most popular experimental Gmail features and it's now the first graduate from Labs.

What does this mean to us mere mortals who have been chasing after the GTD Nirvana? I honestly don't know, but with this announcement, I may start playing with this app again.

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