Atlantica, Fusionfall, Runes of Magic in the Philippines!

It's been a crazy half month and I won't waste your time on that and instead dive straight into new MMORPG news in the Philippines!

Atlantica Online Philippines?

Rumors of an Atlantica Online Philippines have been around for months; some were saying that Levelup Games Philippines (LUG) were thinking of getting it, but it was a lone (and long ago disappeared) advertisement on a job hunting site that came from a very reliable source that confirmed it for me: NDOORS itself will be hosting it. When it will open up is anyone's guess.
Thanks to Joel Tan for the linklove regarding this news.

Fusionfall Asia Centered in the Philippines?

In related news, if you're from Asia and used to play the browser MMO Fusionfall from the Cartoon Network, then you'll know that you're IP blocked and greeted with this:

It's no rumor at all, but the country and company hosting it is still a mystery until this was passed to me: an advertisement for a Cartoon Network-related MMORPG GM. The screenshot's below just in case it disappears as well.

With a large amount of the A to B classes watching Cartoon Network on the cable, they'll sure to have a big market. I'll report on it as soon as it gets out.

Runes of Magic Ph Confirmed!

Runes of Magic (RoM) , once considered as one of the better F2P MMORPGs out there (it's since been overtaken Perfect World International) is coming to the Philippines via E-Games. Honestly I thought a game as good as this would be operated by Frogster for South East Asia, but E-games is considered as one of the top MMO publishers around so I know they'll do their best.
My experience with RoM International was really really really bad as I had a 70k ms ping just trying to connect to the US servers (don't even mention the EU servers--they're even worse). I think it's not the connection's fault but rather the game's. Even local players of the RoM MY/SG were complaining of lag! I hope E-games have something to deal with this or it'll be disastrous on their part.
If you're interested in trying out the Alpha Testing you can register here.

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