Evony: should I expect these in the game?

As I was reading my usual favorite blogs, I came upon this advertisement:

I posted something about Evony's tasteless and misleading ads before but this surely takes the cake! It has no relation to the game at all!

Regarding the game itself, I found it to be an OK resource-centric MMO, but after that there's nothing else. Instead of toning it down a bit they've gotten even more brazen to the point that they'd just show these:

Honestly, if I was someone who wasn't familiar with MMOs I'd think they were selling a pair of bras.

The good thing about it is that Google themselves have taken notice.
Hi everyone -- thanks for your patience so far. We've received all of your feedback and have looked into your concerns. Any Evony ads should now point only to evonyonline.com, so having evonyonline.com on your filter list should now effectively block all Evony ads. If you still see ads after adding this URL to your filter (and it's been over 48 hours since you've added it), reply to this thread and we'll look into it.

Putting their URLs through the ad filter can be very taxing as they use a LOT of them. And somehow they're getting through still as mentioned in the forum post above. Here's just some examples:

  1. blueseawar.com
  2. bugutomorrow.com
  3. chooselucky.com
  4. comeplaymylord.com
  5. evony-game.com
  6. evony.com
  7. evonyfreeonlinegames.com
  8. evonygame.com
  9. evonygamezer.com
  10. evonyhome.com
  11. evonyminiclip.com
  12. evonymyspace.com
  13. evonyonline.com
  14. evonyy8.com
  15. hellogamesonline.com
  16. hotevony.com
  17. playevony.com
  18. playnowmelord.com
  19. sweetgameonline.com
  20. topevony.com
  21. evony.net
  22. evonyonlinegames.com
  23. evonyarmorgames.com
  24. clickevony.com
  25. evonycents.com
  26. evonyfacebook.com
  27. evonystartvg.com
  28. evonyyoutube.com
  29. evonyzombol.com
  30. theevony.com

...and more to come.
Ignore them? Yes, but they are irritating as heck!
Picture of Evony Ad boobs from here
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