Perfect World Ph Celebrates Lost Empire Update!

Level Up Philippines have just announced that Perfect World will have a x1.5 modification on exp, item drops, and Soul. So for those who who want to level up quickly , and get rich faster in PW should log in everyday from Sept. 8 to 6PM of Sept 23.

The recent discovery of a dimensional rift that allows passage to the past has been keeping many of our heroes occupied. Those who are lucky to be among the chosen ones have already started in their quest to explore the secrets of the Lost Empire. Meanwhile, those who were left in the present were tasked to defend the lands from the attacks of the Soulless reaching out through the portal.In order to reward the tireless efforts of the heroes of the land, the divinities casted a powerful blessing to increase the sutra of all the realms of the land of Pangu.Heroes!

Starting September 8, 2009 we are having an x1.5 modified Exp, Soul and Item Drop rate!

Enjoy these modified rates until September 23, 2009 (6pm). Spread the news to your friends and don't be left out in-world!
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