Perfect World Intl: New Race and Class On the Way!


While I talked about Perfect World Philippines yesterday, I'm here to talk about Perfect World International's next update: Rising Tide.

Announced last September 1 (Yeah, I know I'm uber late), it's supposed to open up new lands, but the one that's really making news is the new race and its two classes!
The newest race is called the Tideborn, ancient and powerful beings that dwell underwater. Having previously existed for thousands of years, unknown by the rest of the denizens of Perfect World, their addition will add a new layer of story to the game to uncover the Tideborn’s mysterious return.

The Tideborn will offer two new classes to PWI. The new classes available are tentatively being called the Psychic and Assassin!
Here's a little teaser of what they look like:

Here's what I know so far:

  • I've been looking around the Perfect World Beijing site and found no information on this race from the Race page. Is this truly just an PWI exclusive race and class? 
  • According to the PWI Database there are whips available that cannot be worn by any race. Could they belong to the Assassin and Psychic? 
  • Some pictures are coming from the PWI site of possible Tideborns:

I know the second one is an NPC but he sure look "aquatic" like don't you think? He may represent the coming Tideborn.

My last question is: When will this come to Perfect World Ph?

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