Atlantica Online Does a DDO

NDOOR's Atlantica Online is one of the better MMORPGs out there. However, the client download can be a bit troublesome due to the large size (1.85 GB) and possible lagtime because the downloader is far away from the download server site.

In order to get around this hurdle, NDOORS have decided to pull a DDO type of download scheme, where the user downloads only a small part of the necessary files and then eventually you will have to download the other files as you go along (after level 20)

Our all new Lite Client design to accommodate new players who want to give Atlantica Online a try, without having to wait to download the entire game.

This all new client is a small download that contains the beginning parts of Atlantica Online only that allows new players to get in and start playing more quickly.

The Lite Client works by letting the user to download a small portion of the game in order to begin experiencing the early stages of the game. While player are enjoying the first level 1-20 level areas that are included in this Lite Client, the Lite Client will continually be downloading the rest of the game in the background to allow players to keep progressing into later parts of the game.

The Lite Client only contains content for levels 1-20, the remaining full client files will be downloaded as a background process during normal gameplay. Existing users may experience gameplay issues for content beyond level 20. For players who already have characters above level 20, we recommend downloading and installing the Full Client to avoid any potential issues.

This would be great for people who just want to try out the game and for people like me who have uninstalled the previous game client.

Lite Client Download
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