Level Up Philippines have finally got their own First Person shooter (FPS) in the guise of  K.O.S. Secret Operations and a new MMORPG Neosteam. This was revealed today during Level Up Live 2009.

From all I know about it is that it's a Valve Source Engine powered game, and is based on YNK Korea's Sting: Secret Operations. YNK has an existing game with LUG: Rohan. Although i'm not a big FPS fan, most of my kids are, so me and the kids will have to test this out when it goes to OBT.

Here's a sample of the KOS Gameplay:

I used to play Neosteam Intl a few months ago and enjoyed it. It's an MMORPG with a steampunk-like setting, multiple races, and two factions. I played it primarily for its ambiance as the gameplay feels like an ordinary MMORPG. I have to be honest with you: the graphics resemble a PSOne J-RPG.

Gameplay vid below:

More news on these games as soon as I get it.
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