Jade Dynasty (ZXOnline) New Race: The Athan

With Perfect World getting a new race with two classes, Jade Dynasty / ZXOnline aren't far behind as they've got their new race: The Athan.

The Balo

Within this demigod race, there are two Factions, the first of which is the Balo. These hardened warriors come at a time when many in the mortal realm are looking to seize power and the secret to immortality. To combat this problem, the Immortals have created the Balo: indispensable frontline fighters that were formed to represent pure brute strength and were inspired by the invulnerability of molten rock.
Yes folks, they are deemed to be the ultimate tank. Big weapons and armors for big people.

The Athan

Regarding the other Athan faction, the Arden, they look like a near carbon copy of Perfect World's Venomancers / Yao Jing with bows as the primary weapon. Oh, and by the way, they have the capability to summon monsters/pets. More on the vid below:

Will wait for these races to shake up e-Games' ZXOnline here in the Philippines soon.

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