Google's Nexus One is finally out and the whole tech world is abuzz with it! What a way to start the new year and decade, eh?

So what does the Nexus One (hardware and price-wise)have over the other smartphones? Look no further as Mashable's done that for everyone:

Great points about the Nexus One vs. Others:
  • Best 3G Talktime at 7 Hrs.
  • Cheapest at $529
Not so great points about the Nexus One vs. Others:
  • Worst storage capacity at 4GB (you'll really need to buy extra memory)
  • Worst Battery standby time at 250 Hrs.
However, it takes more than hardware to win a techie's heart! Let's see it in action shall we?

If you're from outside the US and can't buy one, don't fret as Yugatech has already listed down the procedures to get a Google Nexus One!

First, you need to get a US proxy IP address. I bought a 1-month pass for a private US IP for only $8 to make my transaction secure (I used Use that proxy on your browser (here’s a tutorial on how to configure proxy in your browser).
Now go to and order your Nexus One. It’s $529 for the unlock version ($179 for T-Mobile while Verizon and Vodafone will be available by spring). Google will allow you to have a laser engraving at the back for free but will take 72 hours longer before it’s shipped.
Next, you need a US, UK, Hong Kong or Singapore address to send the package. If you’re like me who wants it straight to your address here in the Philippines, you can try the service that I use which is MyUSMailBox (more details here).

Now, if only someone can give me $800 to get a Google Nexus One Phone...
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