Allods Online OBT: A Race for Adders and Grasses

There's a reason why I didn't log in immediately when the doors of Allods Online opened a few hours ago, I knew it would be a race to the nearest mob and people would be fighting over Forest Adders and farming Plantain Leaves. The only way I was able to finish my quests was to party with Mages as they seem to have the ability to lure and kill mobs quickly.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like 7 hours after the OBT opening:

Soooo many people!

By the way, if you happen to be hunting for White-tailed Deers and happen to see this one: please don't hit it alone as I did.

That hurts

It's a Majestic Stag. It sent me to Purgatory after 2 hits.

More journal entries as I get it.
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