Perfect World PH: Coming Tideborn Patch FAQ

It's been a long time since I've written anything about Perfect World, and it's because of Allods Online. With the whole debacle on the Cash Shop and Fear of Death, I've decided to check out an old stomping ground: Perfect World PH.

Good thing though as Perfect World PH's GM Sam Hok has posted a Tideborn FAQ on the forums:

When will this Expansion be available in the Philippines?
A: It will be this Summer after the Misty City Update. So really Soon.
Will the level cap increase?
A: No. The level cap will not increase with the Rise of the Tideborne.
Will there be new territories for Clans to battle for?
A: Yes. Mayroon po.
Will Psychic and Assassin be multi-gender like the Humans? Or will they be restricted like the Beastkind?
A: The new Tideborn classes will be multi-gender.
What kind of flying mounts will the Tideborn use?
A: The Tideborn will use a new set of wings exclusive to their race.
Will the Party limit still be 6 players?
A: Yes. Even though the total number of classes is being raised to 8, we still feel that a squad of 6 is ideal for group type content. (dungeons, raids, etc...)
Will there be new quests/content for high level players or only new quests for Tideborn 1-19?
A: There are some new quests for all existing classes, as well as the quests for Tideborn 1-19.
Will there be an underwater dungeon?
A: There will of course be new content that takes place underwater. At release there will not be an underwater dungeon, but that doesn't mean that it isn't in the update pipeline.

Will DEFINITELY check these classes out when they come to PH shores!

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