Google Buzz and Allods Online: Fail?

The recent events in both the Allods Online Cash Shop controversy and Google Buzz chaos reminded me of two things:
  • Just because something seems good now doesn't mean it'll be good in a few weeks.
  • Always keep a positive outlook that things will change for the better, with or without that service/product.

Allods Online: Massive Multiplayer Online Fail?

Allods Online was to be one of  THE BEST MMORPG OF 2010, until they unveiled the Cash Shop. Saying that the items for sale there is overpriced can be considered as a massive understatement. For example, a bag costs $20--$5 more than a monthly MMO subscription that offers everything.

The forum has been covered in flameposts and threats of boycotting that any questions about builds and questing questions are almost non-existent. Some of it's premier players have voiced out their disgust at the current events and are now contemplating of leaving the game (with their entire guild) entirely.

Buzz: Google's Waterloo?

Google Buzz was supposed to be one of the best social network services that will make Twitter/Facebook/etc. make a run for their money. But instead their lack of filtering features, user control, and security flaws have deemed it to be a failure. It's coincidental that Buzz was created in Waterloo, closely named in the phrase, "meet one's Waterloo": a word signifying a great test with a final and decisive outcome- usually a negative one.

Most of the reaction has been negative: confusion, frustration, and even borderlining on hate. There are still bloggers supporting the service, but most have left it completely or just using it sparingly.

Both situations are at their worst tight now, but we've all been through this before: a service starts good, but ends up worse. Yet there are some services/products that have gone through these things and ended up better than originally thought.

Let's give them both a chance to do a strategic retreat and recover their losses.

UPDATE: gPotato has given their comment on the dev concerns and Cash Shop prices.

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