Allods Online 1.0.06 update coming soon!

Looking forward to better days

It's been a long time since Allods Online got a major update, hence the dearth in news about it lately, but an announcement on the main site lists down a lot of changes coming to Allods soon.

The changes will be as follows:

  • Players can now split items that are in stacks. “Shift+drag” will remove one item from a stack, “Ctrl+drag” will remove half the items from a stack, and “Alt+drag” will open a window that will allow players to remove a specified number of items from a stack
  • Players can now see the exact number of items that are in the trade window when trading with another player
  • Fixed a bug where items occasionally disappeared from the auction house
  • Players whose Flag of War was lowered before entering Purgatory will now exit Purgatory with their Flag of War lowered
  • Fixed a bug with the visualization of fatigue when a player’s Flag of War had been recently raised
  • Added the ability to respond to whispers. The default hotkey is “BACKSPACE”
  • Fixed various bugs involving the party and raid interface
  • Guild information is now displayed above players’ heads
  • Fixed a bug where players under the effects of a War Banner would not have their Flag of War raised when they attacked a player whose Flag of War was lowered
  • Fixed a bug where spells that had effects that last over time and area of effect spells would not raise a player’s Flag of War
  • Fixed a bug where the spells a player cast on themselves would refresh the duration of their Flag of War
  • Fixed a bug with the walking animation of Kanian females
  • Fixed a bug with the AFK animation of Elven females
  • Pets can no longer travel more than 70 yards from their master
  • Fixed the quest “Regular Customers”
  • Fixed the quest “Meeting the Seers”
  • Fixed the quest “Yasker’s Emissary”
  • Players can now fight the second boss in Gorluxor’s Tower
  • Added new training quests that allow players that have already begun constructing an Astral ship to practice on a special training ship
  • Improved the visualization of the League Astral ships
  • Fixed a bug with the distribution of loot from treasure chests
  • Fixed a bug where training quests could not be abandoned
  • Fixed the quest “A New Craft” for both the League and the Empire

Besides the bug and exploit fixes, there are two things I really appreciate in this soon-to-be update:

  • Ability to separate stacks: currently the players are having a hard time selling stuff on the auction house because of this problem.
  • Ability to respond to whispers via "backspace": no more "/whisper weirdname"

However, most people (including me) will be waiting for the mounts and the eradication of the Fear of Death from the game (it's already live in
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