So you've got your Perfect World PH Tideborn Assassin (Xi Shou) created and you're looking for a possible build in the Perfect World Intl Forums. Unfortunately, the skill names over there are different from the ones over here. Not to worry as I've done the work for you! All PWI skill names here are based on the ecatomb site.

PWI Skill PW PH Skill
Twin Strike Chain Strike
Slipstream Strike Sinister Strike
Raving slash Unpredictable Strikes
Deep Sting Gouge
Rib Strike Unbalancing Strike
Thoatcut Strangling Strike
Earthen Rift Land Mine
Shadow Walk Stealth
Focused Mind Diamond Warrior's Chant
Shadow Escape Vanish
Bloodpaint Thirst for Blood
Deaden Nerves Cheat Death
Puncture Wound Rupture
Wolf Emblem Lethality
Knife Throw Deadshot
Tacling Slash Leglock
Chill of the Deep Benthic Shards
Rising Dragon Strike Focused Strikes
Tide Form Aquatic Form
Windpush Wind Rider
Shadow Jump Shadowstep
Maze Steps Chaotic Steps
Shadow Teleport Hundred-pace Rush
Subsea Strike Water-parting Strike
Headhunt Execute
Power Dash Remorseless Strike
Tidal Protection Diamond Warrior's Chant
Inner Harmony Adrenalin Rush
Dagger Devotion Dagger Mastery
Sharp Observer Sense Mastery
Cat-Like Tread Stealth Mastery

I'll be making one for the Psychic (Wu Shih) in a few days.
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