Why gPotato banned Aika international players?

Recently, gPotato has banned non-North American players from Aika Online NA.

Dear Aika players,
We have an important announcement to bring you tonight. Starting tomorrow night after our weekly scheduled maintenance, we will be restricting our area of service for Aika Online to North America, given Gala-Net’s status as the North American publisher for Aika Online. This decision may result in gPotato blocking IP addresses which originate outside of North America (for Aika only – other gPotato games will not be affected). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this action causes, and we encourage you to email us at aika_support[at]gala-net.com with any comments or concerns you may have.
-The Aika Team-


As expected there were a lot of complaints coming from the non-NA player base. A lot of speculations were thought of as to why it was done, ranging from blocking RMT sellers to saving on bandwidth. But it seems Hanbitsoft, the game's developer, will be publishing Aika Global!

We are proud to announce that Aika Global site is now officially up.

With www.aika.t3fun.com; all of the updates, from the news to game informations are just a click away.
For those who are unfamiliar with Aika, it is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG and designed to reimagined the “massively” in MMORPG. Aika Global’s CBT informations will be updated in the new site.


The question begs then if the global version will ban NA players or not. If they do, then the NA players will lose out on playing with other people in the world (some of them might actually like that, but I still think most of them won't). If they do not, then gPotato will be in such a rut that it's better to shut down the NA version anyway.

In this case, Hanbitsoft will have to answer a lot of questions! One of them is why create a global version after  gPotato offered it to everyone on the planet. It should have banned everyone else outside NA from the beginning.

My condolences go to the international players who have given their time to Aika Online NA. Look on the bright side, you have a new server you can play in soon!
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