ZXOnline Closes on August 13

eGames closes ZXOnline (Zhu Xian Online) on August 13 (Previously it was set to close July 31--giving notice of closing for only 5 days).

Reason for closing ZXOnline

Their reason? Their contract with Perfect World was terminated. It wasn't stated who wanted it terminated, whether it was Perfect World or eGames, but it doesn't matter now.

The announcement is stated below:

Due to this event, eGames has once again gone under the microscope. Based on the forums, a lot of players have been disheartened in playing in other eGames-published MMOs fearing that it may close as well. Although closing unsuccessful games are the norm in any business, the way they are closed means a lot to the players. It wasn't as bad as what happened to Lineage 2 SEA, but considering that ZXOnline hardly went over two years before it closed gives the gaming public suspect to the publisher's way of managing their games.

Massive exodus to Jade Dynasty

After reading the forums, the large consensus seems to be that instead of transferring to another eGames-powered MMO, they've decided to go to the international version: Jade Dynasty and play in the Billows server. No doubt this will be a boon to both the community and management over there as they will be receiving a lot of experienced players.
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