Aika Roars into October with Two Events

Aika roars into October with two in-game events that will require players to run around the map and probably get into a scuffle or two. Check them out below.

Seoul, Korea - (October 1, 2010)— T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines invite all Aikans to roll with the punches as two of AIKA Global’s newest events get ready to bang this October. The two events, “Dungeon Raiders” and “Happy Halpereen!” along with the mini event, “Hide and Seek” are all going to put the pedal to the metal and set all players hustling and bustling inside the game from October 1 until the end of the month.
This October will mark the start of the biggest action packed in-game events to stir up the AIKA community. “Dungeon Raiders”, a purely blood-spilling event, requires players to form a party of 2-6 members to bash off the boss of a particular dungeon. This event is set to roar on all Saturdays of October from 00:01 to 23:59 (in-game time) where 30 randomly chosen raiders will win the prizes. And if that’s not enough, AIKA Global players should get ready to clear their throats and get ready to shout “Happy Halpereen!” for the AIKA Global Halloween celebration on Oct 31 to November 1 . This Halloween event will challenge all players to summon monsters at Halperin Three-forked Road in commemoration for all Elters who have fought, died, and respawned in the place.
Players from other nations can interfere with the event by attacking the players while killing the bosses, injecting more action and thrill. It will be an exciting Halloween fete jammed with exciting prices for every boss monster kill. There wouldn’t be a dull day for the next month as the mini-event, “Hide n’ Seek,” will keep the ball rolling. What better way to rein the game than to play with the game masters? Those who will find the GM in this hide and seek game will win the big-time opportunity to be accompanied by the GMs in their dungeon battles. Aikans are definitely on for a frenzy ride this October! Watch out for more AIKA Global in-game event announcements. 
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