Allods PH News: Higher patch than Allods NA, CBT Dates

Levelup Games PH's Allods PH Management Team had a meeting yesterday with a few of the guilds who will be actively participating in the game. One of the premier guild of which I'm a member of, The Holy Order of Light, has put up a blogpost in their fansite and summarized the meeting for all those who weren't able to attend. Here are just some snippets and my comments.

One of the more important information given to the guild leaders is that Allods Online CBT will be opened to the public, who have already obtained their CBT accounts through the registration page, with version For those who are unaware, Allods Online NA will be patching their servers on 5 October 2010 with This patch was describe by SamHok and Cydie to be one that had a lot of changes with regards to the archetypes' builds, talent trees and ruby grids. Basically, the major change was that the skills were modified or removed for certain archetypes.
This is an interesting development as not only are we going to get the Gorluxor patch as I mentioned last time, but we'll be getting a patch a notch more advanced than Allods NA! The patch notes for this one will be waited upon not only by the Allods PH players but also those in NA.

Regarding when the CBT and OBT will be...
Closed Beta is slated to open either this coming week (week starting Oct 4), or the week after that, which starts on 11 October 2010. Durin this phase, the experience and drop rates will be kept at a normal level so as to test the natural environment. The GM Team may increase the rates depending on testing needs.

After CBT, the servers may go down for a week or two, and that's when Open Beta will begin. November 2010 was the tentative start month for OBT according to the presentation. As usual, there will be a characer wipe after Closed Beta, but there will be none during Open Beta. Accounts used during CBT may be linked to MyLU accounts and be used for Open Beta and even up to commercial. Also, their current plan is to open OBT with 1 server and open up another when necessary, but this may change depending on the results during Closed Beta.
So there it is so far. Download the Allods PH CBT client here.

Read the complete post here
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