April 22: Busy day for Lineage 2 SEA fans

Yep, besides the launching of the Kamael update and the Collector's Boxed Set, AMDG, the carrier of Lineage 2 in the Philippines, will be opening up a lot of in-game events and promos.

First up is the 2X increase in Exp, SP, and better monster drops. Yaaay! This one I likee!

Another in-game event is the Alphabet Event. You have to collect various letters from monsters. If you collect letters that form either Lineage II or Throne, then you stand to get some cool in-game prizes. The prizes are nice but it seems like a grindfest for me. Oh well, who am I to talk anyway.

And lastly, this promo is for those who have little adena (me included). You can now teleport to special hunting grounds for less adena. The only problem is, they don't have a list of these "special hunting" grounds yet. I'll post them as soon as I get a list on April 22.

My comment to all this swarming of promos and events: Great! I'm just hoping that they continue on doing this the whole year round to ensure that the L2SEA players have more things to do rather than do quests, gank, and grind.
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