Forums are Up!

Yaay! The forums are up and about again. Unfortunately it looks like the old posts have disappeared. That's too bad, there were quite a lot of info and history taken out because of the change.

Hmmm...there's something written by Yukino in the Welcome Page that seems to get my attention...

Of course we also have promos, events, and what not waiting for you this year! Let's see, we will have a Kamael Slogan Contest, Girl Gamer of the Month, hmm... Clan of the Month, then the much-awaited Battle Tournament to mention a few. Oh wait, Adena Art Contest! These are no ordinary promos and contests btw, we're giving away in-game items, iPlay L2 Merchandise, and who knows.. even cold cash!

Well, I have to re-register now. FYI: I'll be using Alcarcalimo as my user name.

See you there!
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