The Grind Tip #1: Change weapons on the go

Pullin' the thread

Man, levelling up in this game is really hard. I've been trying to level up for the last 2 hours from 10 to 12. Yeah, it's an hour of killing Wolves, Elder Wolves, Orcs, Orc Grunts, and Werewolves.

What made my day was that I was able to practice using the bow and then immediately changing to shield and sword in a few milliseconds. For the beginners out there, all you do is drag your shield, sword/dagger/club, to the hotkeys. For example, from the image above, I placed my sword on the F6, my shield on F7, and my bow on F8. Once done equip your bow and arrow.

Pick an enemy who's far away from his kind. Orcs and Werewolves tend to attack in groups if you're not careful. Once you shoot him with your arrow and he gets near enough, quickly use your hotkeys to enable both your sword and shield to be equipped. If you're lucky, you'll just need one hack at him before he dies.

Well, after a few hours, I'm 12 and I need to write some more articles for my day job.
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